Here at Muffin Crates we pride ourselves in making some of the most delicious muffins, using only fresh and high quality ingredients. Even though we have such a huge selection of muffins, these are our top 5 muffins and some of the reasons why we love them so much.


Blueberry Muffins

There is just something quintessential about breakfast that includes a blueberry muffin. That is why our blueberry muffins are decadent, balanced, and sweet. This is one of our favourite muffins. These muffins are fluffy and bursting with some of the freshest and juiciest blueberries.


These muffins come alive while they are baking and burst with blueberries during the process, making these muffins even sweeter and more delicious. There’s no better way of starting your morning off right with a Blueberry Muffin combined with an earl grey tea.



S’mores Muffins

We all know that s’mores are the best part of summer, so there is nothing like our favourite camping treat baked into a muffin form. While it may not look like a traditional s’mores, it tastes just like one. So what would life be like without s’mores for breakfast? I mean these muffins are technically a breakfast, but they can also fall into a dessert. Muffins with chocolate chips and marshmallows, topped with graham cracker crumbs, this is our idea of a pretty awesome breakfast.


This is the trifecta when it comes to treats, as there is nothing better than marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. The marshmallows are perfectly melted in the muffin, making them the perfect sticky and gooey texture. These muffins are a true showstopper



Morning Glory Muffins

When it comes to grabbing a muffin before heading out the door in the morning, this is our go-to choice for a great breakfast muffin. Filled with a sweet spice and a hint of nuttiness, these are just the perfect on-the-go breakfast or for a quick snack. These muffins are great for the whole family, as they are not full of empty “junk” and are a healthy, sweet, no-fuss treat.


Wholesome and filling, Morning Glory Muffins have everything you need to start your day!



Orange Cranberry Muffins


Fresh cranberries are a hallmark of the holiday season, and they are most often transformed into a zingy cranberry sauce to grace the Thanksgiving table. But these mouth-puckering berries are begging to be used for so much more.When it comes to the holidays and special treats, our Orange Cranberry Muffins are the perfect holiday treats. This combination of flavours has

always been our favourite treat when it comes to the winter months. These muffins make for a great addition to any holiday, a perfect brunch treat and a great treat for a busy morning.


These muffins are bursting with fresh cranberries and orange flavour. Each of these muffins are filled with whole ingredients. Best of all they help bring any dish or treat to life during the holidays, so why not order some for your next family holiday dinner?


White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins


These muffins are the perfect brunch treat and are a heavenly treat. These muffins are loaded with juicy raspberries and are sweet and soft. The freshness of the raspberries are beautifully complemented with the white chocolate. The greatest combination found within this one muffin.

As with any of our muffins, they make for a great breakfast or brunch treat, or a treat to bring along with you on a trip or a picnic. There’s not a single person who wouldn’t like these treats.


Raspberries and white chocolate is an amazing flavour combination. They are meant for each other and if you have never tried them, now is the perfect time to try them!